About Us

Prestige Business Solutions is an accountancy practice which provides property investors with a specialised service. Servicing clients across Australia.

The founding director of Prestige Business Solutions is John Graham an accountant with more than 30 years experience. John and his wife Karyn have operated their own accountancy practice on the Central Coast of NSW for the past 25 years where they specialise in business and investment property advice in addition to all the usual accounting services. John is a member of the NTAA.

Prestige Business Solutions was established with some important core values which influence our daily activities. These values assist us in making decisions in the best interests of our clients

At Prestige Business Solutions our core values are:.

  • absolute integrity in all client dealings,
  • a culture of ethics and honesty,
  • a people-first attitude,
  • empathy above profit
  • a desire to make a positive contribution to the community. Your Business Advisor will be able to assist you in all these and more.